3DigitalVision has begun filming the premiere episode for a stereoscopic 3D HD documentary series in General Motors’ Hamtramck assembly plant.  The one-hour stereoscopic film will detail the design, testing, and assembly process of the world’s first Extended Range Electric Vehicle—the Chevrolet Volt.   

Captured in full 1080p 3D, the film explores the unique challenges to engineering and building the Volt’s revolutionary propulsion system and aerodynamic body.  From early designs to prototypes to extreme climate testing, the documentary brings the Volt’s full story to life with new details.  3DigitalVision’s crew was granted rare access to GM’s Global Design Studios, Global Battery Systems Laboratory, as well as the legendary Milford proving grounds where vehicles are tested under punishing conditions. 

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FIRE ANTS 3D: The Invincible Army

3DigitalVision has completed production of a ground-breaking 3D HD film profiling one of the most successful creatures that has ever lived-- the fire ant.  For more than 80 years, Solenopsis Invicta has been on a ceaseless march across the United States, racking up six billion dollars every year in crop damage, equipment repair, and pest control.  They have conquered more than 320 million acres in 13 states and killed at least 80 people.  And the invader is still on the move.  Globally.

Now, scientists are cracking the ant’s ancient secrets to success and breeding winged assassins to hunt them down.  Stunning 3D macro photography explores the secret world of the fire ant and the cutting-edge research into stopping it.

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MicroPlanet 3D

Meet the thieves, assassins, and gentle souls alike that inhabit our lakes and forests.

3DigitalVision has finished production of a ground breaking 3D HD documentary film exploring the secret worlds and tiny kingdoms that thrive without us... even in spite of us.

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3DigitalVision has completed “Alligator Kingdom 3D”, the first episode in the “Ancient Wonders” series.  We invite you to read the Behind the Scenes account of the production here:

Alligator Kingdom 3D stands among the most widely-distributed independent 3D documentaries ever made.  It was filmed in full 1080p over the course of a month in the Okefenokee Swamp, one of the last great blackwater swamps on earth.  Special thanks to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and to Dr. Kent Vliet of the University of Florida for their assistance.

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MicroPlanet 3D, Fire Ants 3D, and Alligator Kingdom 3D now available on Blu-ray:

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